2 Class a month package

per month
This is a monthly subscription for two ( 2) of any of the classes that Maya’s place offers. You just need to send an email to maya@mayasplace.net to register for any upcoming classes. If you have multiple unused credits you have a whole year to use them for anything that Maya offers.
You are receiving 12% off or $10 off Witt this monthly package. Enjoy !!!!

3 Class Monthly Package

per month
This is a monthly subscription for three (3) of any of the classes that Maya’s place offers. You just need to send an email to maya@mayasplace.net to register for any upcoming classes. If you have multiple unused credits you have a whole year to use them for anything that Maya offers.
You are receiving 15 % off or $15 off With this monthly package. Enjoy !!!!

9 Day Healing with Angels Course

This is a 9 day at your own time healing course. Learn to connect and Chanel angels as they will show you how to heal.
You will receive an email with 9 days of work from me with instructions what to do each day.
Namaste ❤️🙏🏻

Crystal and Light therapy 3 session package

This is a therapy that uses light and crystals to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in improvement of physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. These lights are very special because they are tuned to the exact vibrations and electromagnetic pulse in order to improve the flow of each chakra. Each light has a specific magneticism to influtrate our cells, resulting in healing physical body and emotional body as well.

DNA Gene Key Chart and Healing

This chart will completely decipher every aspect of your inner being. Why you are genetically the way you are and what works with your genes the best and what doesn’t. Also it will tell you what gene keys need to activate through your life to find peace and serenity and how to do it. It tells you your deep shadow and how to overcome it for bliss and enlightenment. 🙏🏻❤️

Financial Abundance Class

This is a very powerful course that uses physical practices, subconscious retraining, vibrational retraining and implementing new codes in your brainwave system in order to clear out blocking thoughts and patterns.
This course is meant to clear out old beliefs but most importantly to implement the new brainwaves of abundance. The problem that lays within us, is that we grew up believing or somewhere along the way learned to fear money. The vibration of fear is never open to flow or abundance. When you are operating in fear it produces certain patterns and thoughts that simply don’t allow you to make abundant decisions. We need to learn to shed this fear while clearing out all patterns of it, specially financially speaking. Once we do that we will use the meditation and subconscious training to implement new brain waves of abundance. These practices are succinct but very engaging. The course is a self guided course that you do on your own time, you will receive an email with dailly practices, videos and instructions.

Healing and Inegrating your Shadow Self Course

This amazing course will really dig into your true self by discovering and loving the complete you. Shadow work is so important, you will love this course.
5 weeks of once a week online courses.

Human Design and Gene Key chart and Healing

These two charts decipher the human that you are designed to be. Not only will they tell you what how to harness your archetype and how to heal the shadow self it also will let you know which gene keys guide you and how to align them to serve your personal evolution. 🙏🏻❤️

Human Design Chart and Healing

This chart will precisely work to tell you what archetype of human you are and how to use your design to overcome the shadow self and flow through life with abundance and true knowledge of self. This will tell you precise information as to how to act, what to do and what to avoid. You will understand everything better. 🙏🏻❤️

Maya’s Healing Cards

These are your daily guidance cards. Your mantras and clarity cards. As you pull these cards you will feel a peace of me with you, encouraging, loving and giving you clarity. Hope you enjoy it.
Once you purchase let me know if I need to ship them, in which case the shipping costs will be additional and I will let you know or if you will pick them up in my office. Thank you. Love you all. 🙏🏻❤️

Overcome Anxiety 3 Day Course

This program includes a video With a guided meditation that you will listen to for 3 consecutive days. Please make sure you do follow all three days without skipping a day.
Also please follow instruction on the video on what you need and how to do it.
This will be a wonderful reset for your be Nervous system.

Monthly Club

Eating Disorder Healing and Support Group

per month
This is a healing group that supports and heals the treacherous eating disorder. It’s a group that will have healing exercises, book assignments, discussions, accountability and much more. We will have 2 zoom meetings per month. We will have a 24 hour support group on Facebook and accountability for each other to deal heal this disorder.

Maya’s Healing Club

per month
Welcome to the most amazing and loving Healing club out there. Get ready to thrive and achieve miracles!!!

Maya’s Healing Club year payment

This is your full year’s payment for Maya’ S Healing Club

Maya’s Healing Club Year Payment

per year
Your full year payment for the club.

Monthly Spiritual Coaching

per month
This incredible coaching opportunity gives you the accountability, the guidance and push to keep you on your awakened path in order to achieve tranquility, happiness and abundance. It includes coaching customized to you and it can be anything from ángel readings, inner child work, energy healing, meditations and etc. Welcome to the path of your highest self.